Hypancistrus spec. „Belo Monte“ (L 287, L 399, L 400)

6. July 2007

The denomination of this beautiful Hypancistrus is still disputed. It run long time under the number L 287, so it is named on our stock list. Recently it is called L 399 and/or L 400, the origin is the Rio Xingu, where it gets caught in the neighbourhood of Belo Monte. This species belongs into the relationship of L 66, L 236 and L 345. The animals reach an overall length of approx. 12 cm. Contrary to many L catfish species the strong contrast of these animals remains also at the age, so that they are very attractive. As for other Hypancistrus species a vegetable diet is not sufficient, this should only be an addition to meaty food. At higher temperatures (27 – 30°C) and good hygienic conditions the keeping of this species is not difficult. First reports on successful breeding are already present.

(Photo & Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien
Name Hypancistrus spec. „Belo Monte“ (L 287, L 399, L 400)