Hypancistrus spec. L 236x

6. July 2007

November 2006: At Christmas we would like to present a star at the catfish heaven. We can offer some offspring of the queen imperial zebra Hypancistrus spec. L 236x, a beautiful and very looked for species. They come from a German breeder, who had the luck that the two from us imported animals formed a pair. In their appearance they are very variable, differ however at the less stretched body form and at the stronger contrast clearly of the at 09.12.05 introduced Hypancistrus spec. “Belo Monte”. In their maintenance requirements they correspond to other Hypancistrus species of the L 66 group. The breeder told us that they are a little quarrelsome, so that the aquariums should not be selected too small. There will be only extremely sporadically imports of this species and so we hope, that engaged hobbyists will take care of this species and secure the conservation of the aquarium population.

(Photo & Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien
Name Hypancistrus spec. L 236x