Hypancistrus spec. L 401

6. July 2007

This in the DATZ 12/05 introduced very beautiful Hypancistrus variant is at present in a small number available. The animals remind in their habitus of L 333 and with these are also occasionally confounded. In the figure they are more delicate, somewhat more stretched and reach only one overall length of maximally 12 cm, while L can reach 333 16 cm overall length. The most remarkable difference however is to see in the gold-yellow basic colour on that a dark-brown line pattern appears. In their requirements for maintenance they hardly differ from other Hypancistrus species. They like a meaty diet, are however not averse from occasional cucumber or zucchini feeding. With good water hygiene, temperatures over 27°C and a high oxygen content they are well maintained. Against the water parameters they do not place special requirements. They were bred by the author at pH 7.9, DGH 12, KH 6 and a conductivity of 350mS. The young fish grow slowly and seem to be somewhat more sensitive than L 333.

(Photo & Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien
Name Hypancistrus spec. L 401