Rineloricaria sp. „Colombia“

6. July 2007

Rineloricaria sp. „Kolombien“

A remarkable species which came in in one of our import from Colombia. These fishes also originate from the Rio Chacu in the northern tip of the country. Because of the many bristles of the male this species has been falsely determined as Rineloricaria latirostris. A comparison with the pictures (see Mergus Catfish Atlas Part I) of the different species shows clearly the distinction, and will leave no room for doubts. This species is not demanding in the home aquarium and is breeding willingly when offered caves in the form of tubes. This is a productive fish and can easily lay 100 and even more eggs. The striking bristles on the head of the male are completely missing on the female. Also the basic colouration of the female is more lighter. The final length is approximately 18 cm. (Text: I. den Daas, Photo: F. Schäfer)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Kolumbien, Rio Chacu