Sturisoma sp. „Colombia“

6. July 2007

Sturisoma sp. „Kolombien“

This for science unknown species was imported with a unique shipment from Colombia. Sturisoma sp. „Colombia“ was found in the Rio Chaco in the North of Colombia. This elegant Sturisoma species differs from the short finned species, which live on sandy habitats as well as from Sturisoma festivum by difference in colouration and body form. Obvious is the position of the dorsal fin, which is markedly set backwards, and standing straight up. The striking colour pattern gives us hope that this species will be imported more reglarly in future. The fish probably will be not getting much larger then 15 cm. (Text: I. den Daas, Photo: F. Schäfer)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Kolumbien, Rio Chacu