Ageneiosus marmoratus

23. July 2014

were able to obtain this very rarely imported species of bottlenose
catfish from Peru. A. marmoratus has a very wide distribution in
Amazonia. The species is a predator that prefers to feed on live fish.
The largest specimen known to science was about 20 cm long (ours are
currently 12-15 cm long). It can be suspected that A. marmoratus is only
the juvenile of another species of bottlenose catfish, namely A.
inermis, because no one ever has found so far sexually active specimens
of A. marmoratus. A. inermis becomes about 40-50 cm long.

The males of all
species of Ageneiosus develop very large dorsal spines during breeding
season and a penis-like organ. During mating the males fixes the female
with the dorsal spine. There is an internal fertilization. After the
breeding season the dorsal spine becomes casted off, comparable to the
antlers of a deer, and the penis-like organ becomes reduced so that
males and females cannot be distinguished externally outside the
breeding season.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer