Denticetopsis seducta

22. April 2015

the first time ever we could import this dwarf whale catfish from Peru.
The maximum length of this tiny species seems to be around 5-6 cm. In
contrast to the better known blue whale catfish, Cetopsis coecutiens,
which is an aggressive predatory species, all Denticetopsis are
competely harmless insectivorous fishes.

species has been discovered by scientists only in the year 2005.
Despite the fact that the describers had a good number of preserved
specimens (69 in total) they were unable to find the usual, well
developed sexual dimorphism known from other whale catfish. Obviously
they had only females, for our import contains also clearly recognizable

are strictly night active and  secretively, so they will be kept mainly
by catfish specialists. Nothing is known so far about the way these
fish breed.

our customers: the animals have code 251374 on our stocklist. Please
note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in very
limited numbers only!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer