Bagrus filamentosus

4. December 2014

African genus Bagrus contains large, predatory catfish. The maximum
size of the different species is between 30 cm and more than one meter!
Sadly the determination of the species is rather difficult, because most
of the 11 species that are regarded as valid currently have been
described before WW2. A modern revision does not exist.

filamentosus is an exciting exception of this rule. The all in all
comparatively slender species belongs to the smaller members of the
genus. Against conspecifics and other fish Bagrus are usually peaceful,
but one should never underestimate the size of the mouth. Every fish
that fits that mouth will be eaten!

recent shipment of Bagrus filamentosus contains as bycatch another
species of Bagrus, possibly Bagrus docmak. This species is much plumper
and has a shorter head. One must estimate that these babies will grow to
the size of real foodfish. So they should be kept in real large aquaria

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer