Hara jerdoni

27. January 2016

is the high season for the interesting moth cats (Hara). These catfish
occur in India, Burma, and Thailand. The species are very difficult to
tell apart, in many cases it is simply impossible in live animals. There
are a few species that can be determined by a filament on the caudal
fin, but most of the species are extremely similar looking.

exception of that rule is Hara jerdoni. This tiny species attains only a
length of 2-3 cm and has very, very long pectoral fin spines. In some
swimming positions it really looks like a passenger airplane.

to the fact that Hara in general do not swim a lot all species can be
kept in small tanks. Moth catfish are very peaceful against conspecifics
and other fish.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer