Balroglanis schultzi (formerly Centromochlus s.)

3. August 2020

The driftwood catfishes enjoy an increasing popularity, since it succeeds regularly to reproduce them. All species have – as far as known – an internal fertilization, the females spawn later without the presence of a male. Most driftwood catfishes are active at night or twilight. Many species are known to hunt land insects that have fallen into the water by swimming just below the water surface.

Balroglanis (formerly Centromochlus) schultzi originates from the upper reaches of the Rio Xingu and Rio Tocantins in Brazil. The species grows to about 10 cm long; each specimen has an individual dot pattern. The downward pointing eyes are covered with a protective skin, which makes the eye appear clouded. The sense of this anatomical peculiarity is unknown.

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