Brochis splendens and B. cf. splendens CW 35

20. November 2017

Currently is a top season for large, breathtaking Green Cats, Brochis splendens. We have two varieties in stock which are collected in areas that have roughly 1.200 km distance from each other. The one comes from Peru and represents the „typical“ B. splendens. The species has been described scientifically from the Rio Tocantins in Brazil; the species B. coeruleus, which is considered currently as a synonym of B. splendens, originates from a tributary of the Rio Ambyiacu in Peru.

The other variety originates from the Mato Crosso in Brazil. It has been given the additional code CW 35 by cory enthusiasts. This CW 35 differs from the regular B. splendens in coloration. The fins of CW 35 are bright orange (colorless in typical B. splendens), and the belly has also a bright orange colour in CW 35 (in typical B. splendens the belly is whitish). The head pattern is also different. Many specmens of CW 35 have fine spots on the head, which are lacking in typical B. splendens.

Both are splendid fish and belong to the largest species of cory cats: they become around 8 cm long.

For our customers: CW 35 from Brazil has Code 212506, the Peruvian B. splendens 212505 on our stocklsit. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer