Corydoras axelrodi (“deckeri”)

7. October 2023

Since many decades Corydoras catfishes are sold from Colombia under the fancy name “Corydoras deckeri”. Where this name comes from is not documented, probably there was once an exporter named Decker, but nobody knows about him today. The “Corydoras deckeri” come from the Rio Meta. Behind the name there are four different Corydoras species: Corydoras axelrodi, C. loxozonus and the scientifically not yet described C3 and CW21. To C. loxozonus see here ( to C3 here:

Corydoras axelrodi and C. sp. CW21 actually look very, very similar. The difference is in the course of the upper, broad longitudinal band. In C. axelrodi it runs to the lower edge of the caudal fin base, in CW21 it runs to the middle of the caudal root.  All four species are beautiful, easy to care for Corydoras that are an asset to any South America aquarium.

For our customers: Corydoras axelrodi has code 223504, CW21 223513 on our stock list. Please note that we supply exclusively to wholesalers.