Corydoras cf. atropersonatus “Morocha“

20. March 2020

For the first time ever we have received a very attractive Corydoras (called „Moriocha“) from Peru (unfortunately not more details), which looks very similar to Corydoras atropersonatus (this species also comes from Peru – Rio Nanay basin – and we have received this at the same time), but is even more attractive. 

Corydoras atropersonatus has been described by specimens from Ecuador (Rio Tigre basin). These show a few spots in the dorsal fin, which are located on the fin rays. The remaining fins show no spots. The muzzle is not dotted. 

The C. atropersonatus (Rio Nanay) imported from Peru since years have no spots in the fins or on the muzzle.

The now imported “Morocha” (unknown catching place) have distinct spots in the dorsal fin, often on the fin rays, but also on the fin membranes, some animals have spots in the caudal fin and all have clearly dotted muzzles. In “Morocha” the spots on the body are also particularly numerous and contrasting.

For our customers: Corydoras cf. atropersonatus “Morocha” have code 222513 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer