Corydoras cf. imitator C140 Red Spot

8. May 2020

Again and again we receive imports of Corydoras from the upper Rio Negro area, which differ in details from the well known Corydoras adolfoi, C. duplicareus, C. imitator, C. serratus & Co. It is difficult to classify them in such cases. Are these only colour variations that occur in large numbers somewhere? Are they geographically isolated populations? Or are they simply sorted out from the above mentioned species that occasionally occur in large numbers and thus give the impression that they are something independent? As a rule, we cannot decide that.

In the case of C140, things are such that these long-nosed animals, which fall into the variance of C. imitator except for the red spot behind the gill cover, have been appearing once and again for years. This is also the case now; by the way, the red spot is not always equally visible in every individual. It is not a red coloured zone, but an unpigmented spot through which the blood vessels shimmer.

For our customers: the animals have code 232305 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.