Corydoras polystictus and C. albolineatus

31. October 2019

We currently have two rarely available species of Corydoras in stock, which look very similar to each other: Corydoras polystictus and C. albolineatus. The former has a wide distribution in southern South America, while the latter was discovered comparatively late and described from the Rio Itanez in Bolivia. However, our specimens come from the Brazilian side of the same river called Rio Guaporé in Brazil. The only well recognizable difference between C. polystictus and C. albolineatus lies in the whitish, vertical line below the dorsal fin in C. albolineatus, to which the name also refers (albus: white, lineatus: striped).


Both types reach approximately 4,5 cm of length, are very pretty and peaceful fish, that one should not care too warmly (22-24°C, occasionally calmly also somewhat cooler).

For our customers: C. polystictus has code 241002, C. albolineatus code 221533 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesalers.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer