Corydoras reynoldsi & Corydoras tukano

29. March 2021

Corydoras reynoldsi is a pretty cory catfish that has been described in 1960. It was collected in the Caquetà province, eastern Colombia. It remained unknown in the hobby quite long, as this area is far away from the usual collecting areas. In 1997 the cory enthusiasts became aware of another, quite similar species of Corydoras that was exported from Brazil. Although the species looked very much like Corydoras reynoldsi, there were also many differences. So the new fish was called Corydoras sp. aff. reynoldsi (= similar species to reynoldsi). Another usual trade name was Corydoras „Asher“ after the exporter. Only 2004 the real Corydoras reynoldsi appeared in the hobby. Now it was clear that we were dealing with two different species. The “Asher“ in the meantime (2003) had been scientifically described as Corydoras tukano. Its natural distribution is the Rio Tique in Brazil, which is a tributary of the Rio Negro basin.

Both Corydoras species are really nice and stay relative small. They hardly reach 5 cm. However, they should be kept by experienced aquarists only, as they are rather delicate and easily get bacterial infections. It is necessary to keep them at high temperatures (26-28°C), and soft and acidic water.

For our customers: Corydoras tukano has code 245622, Corydoras reynoldsi 243603 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer