Corydoras schwartzi

13. August 2021

This well known, but still beautiful Corydoras originates from the Rio Purus system in Brazil. It was named in honor of the exporter Willy Schwartz. In Corydoras schwartzi, which belongs to the stocky, round-headed members of the genus, the dorsal fin is marked very slightly differently in each animal, the coloration of the spine ranges from bright white-cream to gray; there are sometimes spots on the membranes. Usually Corydoras schwartzi has a widened black spot just below the dorsal fin, also its size and shape varies individually.

C. schwartzi grows to a length of about 5 cm and is a typical corydoras in terms of care, so it wants to be kept in a group, likes fine sand as substrate in places and eats any ornamental fish food. Because of their origin they like it warm (26-30°C), therefore they fit well as bottom fish in aquariums with Discus fish.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer