Corydoras sp. “Ogawae” CW86 (cf. armatus)

25. March 2022

Corydoras armatus is a rather distinctive cory from Peru. We have also received this beautiful species, which is notable for its particularly high dorsal fin, from Venezuela from time to time (see Geographically this all fits together well, the catching regions both belong to the upper drainage of the Amazon. 

However, there is a sibling species of Corydoras armatus from Brazil. It inhabits the Rio Abuna in the border area between Brazil and Bolivia. The Brazilian was given the invalid trade names “Corydoras dorsalis” and “Corydoras ogawae”, freely invented names without scientific meaning. In addition, the form received the number CW86.

The Brazilian lookalike is hardly distinguishable from the “real” Corydoras armatus. However, there are about 2,500 km as the crow flies between the Rio Huallaga (the type locality of C. armatus) and the Rio Abuna! Additionally CW86 has somewhat coarser spots than its cousins.

We have now after a long time again this beautiful armored catfish imported.

For our customers: CW86 has code 222113 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale. 

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer