Corydoras sp. „Super Schwartzi Highfin“ CW 28

21. September 2018

Corydoras schwartzi is one of the most frequently offered armored catfish from Brazil. It comes from the basin of the Rio Purus. There are other very similar species, such as the magnificent, long-snouted C. pulcher. The short-snouted sister species of C. pulcher is also available from there; we call it Corydoras cf. pulcher; there are animals with rather narrow stripes and those with very massive, wide stripes. Another very similar, again long-nosed form is called CW 65 or Corydoras cf. schwartzi “Labrea”. 

And then there is the Super-Schwartzi, also from the basin of the Rio Purus, more precisely from the Rio Mucuim. The wonderful, very large (approx. 5.3 cm standard length and 6.5 cm total length) animals have received the code CW 28.  They have very long extended dorsal fins, the dorsal fin-spine is cream-colored. The body colour of the Super-Schwartzi CW 28 is almost identical to the “normal” C. schwartzi. The photos clearly show the differences, we have photographed Corydoras cf. pulcher, which we also have in stock, and the Corydoras sp. schwartzi SUPER CW 28 together to show the differences, also we have taken our big “normal” C. schwartzi together with the new one.

For our customers: Corydoras cf. pulcher has code 241716, CW 28 244565 and C. schwartzi 244504 on our stocklist.  Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer