Dianema urostriatum

24. January 2020

The most beautiful species of the Callichthyinae relationship is undoubtedly Dianema urostriatum. The striking black and white striped caudal fin indicates its origin: water coloured dark brown by humic substances. Here, fish that prefer to live in groups need signals that allow them to recognize themselves even in poor visibility. Cardinal tetras, which live in the same biotope, have their neon stripe, Dianema urostriatum the striped tail fin.

They are peaceful journeymen, that hardly become dangerous to other fish despite the stately size (over 10 cm); they have only a small mouth. They feed on every usual dry, frost and live-food for ornamental-fish; plants are not bothered. In contrast to most other related species, D. urostriatum much is on the move in the free water. The males build a foam-nest in the bredding season, similarly like the labyrinth-fish, and guard the spawn until the free-swimming of the young. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer