Hoplomyzon sexpapilostoma

26. August 2022

Within the banjo catfish family (Aspredinidae), there is a group of dwarfish small species (called the tribus Hoplomyzontini) divided into four genera: Ernstichthys, Hoplomyzon, Dupouyichthys and Micromyzon. They grow only 2-3 cm long. In nature they live buried in fine sand (at least during the day). Most species prefer the deepest channels of medium to large streams, which is why they usually escape both scientific and aquarium fish collectors. Therefore, very little is known about them.

We could now import Hoplomyzon sexpapilostoma from Colombia. So far four Hoplomyzon species are known, two from the surroundings of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela (H. atrizona and H. intosus), one species distributed quite widely in the Amazon and Orinoco (H. papillatus) and one known exclusively from the Orinoco (H. sexpapilostoma). Our animals agree very well with the characteristics mentioned in the orignal description of H. sexpapilostoma.

So far we can report only little about the animals. They are very peaceful among themselves and go willingly to live bloodworm as food. We have not had any losses so far. We keep them on bare glass bottom for better control, but in the photo tank they disappeared completely in the sand in a flash with a few strong tail strokes. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer