Panaqolus albomaculatus LDA 31 Venezuela

9. May 2018

In one of the most current issue of the Datz magazine (Datz 3/2018) a new L-number has been published, namely L501. This is a Hypancistrus from Venezuela belonging in the closer relationship of Hypancistrus inspector/L201/L339. It differs from the so far known relatives by the almost unspotted fins and the rather pinkish/orange spots (instead of white spots).

By chance we have right now Panaqolus albomaculatus/LDA 31 from Venezuela in stock, which also have very bright orange spots. The fish are 9-12 cm long, which means that they are almost fully grown. The „typical“ LDA 31 come from Peru and have usually rather whitish spots. However, it is already known for quite a long time that LDA 31 is ahighly variable species (see Wels Atlas Vol 2).

So we decided to take a closer look on our fish and put a pair in the photo tank. They proofed to be without any doubts wood-eaters, as could be easily seen by the spoon-like teeth; Hypanacistrus have pointed teeth and are meat-eaters. So our fish from Venezuela are simply very pretty LDA 31.

For or customers: the animals have code 26480-LDA 031-4 on or stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer