Platysilurus mucosus

15. June 2022

Predatory catfishes exude a special fascination to many a catfish lover. Unfortunately, many species simply become too large for permanent care in a normal sized home aquarium. However, there are also species that grow to only 20-30 cm in length and for which it is therefore not necessary to flood the entire basement to meet their space requirements. Platysilurus mucosus belongs to these species.

Two characteristics make Platysilurus mucosus special: the very long maxillary barbels and the huge caudal fin. The latter, however, is more pronounced in juveniles than in adults. When catching one must be very careful, because the pectoral fins are needle-sharp and probably also slightly poisonous. It is best to catch the animals in a comparatively very large net with as fine a mesh as possible and then scoop them out with a cup or (for larger specimens) bucket. This way you save yourself and the animals a lot of stress.

They will eat any meaty food that fits in their mouths, even smaller fish and shrimp! Among themselves the animals are peaceful. In community tanks you have to take care that the P. mucosus get enough food, because they are – compared to other predatory catfishes – very shy. The home of P. mucosus is the Amazon and Orinoco, where the species is widespread. Our animals come from Peru. There is a second species, P. malarmo, which is only found in Venezuela and Colombia and which becomes remarkely larger (around 50 cm).

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer