Pseudeutropius moolenburghae

20. February 2023

From Indonesia we received the interesting catfish Pseudeutropius moolenburghae. This shoaling fish, which grows to a maximum length of 10 cm, is very similar in behavior to the well-known glass catfish Kryptopterus vitreolus (formerly known as K. bicirrhis), but is slimmer, livelier and above all has eight long barbels, while the glass catfish has only two.

In the aquarium, these blackwater fish should be acclimated carefully, because from the wild they know practically no bacterial water pollution. Their home are the river systems Batang Hari on Sumatra and Kapuas on Borneo, from where many popular aquarium fish come. As company are suitable e.g. mouth-breeding fighting fish, Rasbora species, coolie loaches etc.. Under no circumstances should these delicate catfish be kept along with bullies such as tiger barbs. Pseudeutropius moolenburghae eat all common ornamental fish food, they are not interested in plants. A dimly furnished tank with Cryptocoryne bushes, floating ferns on the surface and dead leaves on the bottom is ideal. Soft, acidic water corresponds to natural conditions, but is not necessary for long-term maintenance. The water temperature should be 24-28°C.

For our customers: the animals have code 445503 on our stock list. Please note that we supply exclusively to wholesalers.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer