Glossolepis dorityi „Lake Nenggwambu“

22. April 2015

Glossolepis dorityi also originates from West Papua, like Melanotaenia rubrostriata „Dekai Village“ (see
Males attain a maximum length of about 15 cm, females stay smaller.
Sadly the females have only quite dull colours. Males need about one
year to reach a length of 7-8 cm. At that size they already display a
real firework of splendid colours, which fascinate any observer. It is
hard to believe that a person might exist that is not fascinated by
displaying males of Glossolepis dorityi „Lake Nenggwambu“!

fins seem to burst when the males circle around  each other and the
females. The latter are led into the plantation where they spawn. These
continuous spawners daily spawn some eggs. Over one weeks the breeder
can obtain more than 100 eggs from one male and two females. The newly
hatched larvae must be fed with infusoria or likewise small food,
because Artemia nauplii are much to large for them. Glossolepis dorityi
„Lake Nenggwambu“ does best at comparatively high water temperatures
(28°C), medium hard water, a pH around 7 and a water change on a regular
basis. Then they become literally “underwater jewels”!

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Text & photos: Thomas Weidner