Anablepsoides collieri (formerly: Rivulus ornatus)

14. June 2023

This tiny fish from Peru is one of the smallest killifishes. The photographed, sexually mature animals are only about 2 cm long including the caudal fin! As maximum length 3.5 cm are given in the literature. 

Around this small fish jewel there were some ambiguities concerning the scientific naming. At first it was called Rivulus ornatus. Today it is classified in the genus Anablepsoides. In 2021 Huber described the little animal, which has its type locality not far from Iquitos on an island in the Amazon, as Rivulus collieri, the now valid name is Anablepsoides collieri.

As with all Rivulus-like, it is important to cover the aquarium absolutely tightly, otherwise these little animals will sooner or later inevitably end up on the floor. If you want to keep several males together, it is important to put them in at the same time, because they can get quite nasty among themselves.

These tiny fish can live up to 3 years in the aquarium, so they are not short-lived killies, but long-lived ones!

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Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer