Aplocheilus dayi dayi

10. September 2012

The Striped Panchax (Aplocheilus lineatus) from South India is a well known, old fashioned aquarium inhabitant. It is famous for its splendid colours, its hardyness and the easy breeding. The fish has only one big disadvantage: it grows to a length of up to 10 cm.

A close relative of the Stripe Panchax, the Green Panchax (Aplocheilus dayi) from Sri Lanka has all the advantages of the Striped Panchax, but stays much smaller. It only becomes 7 cm long.

There are two described subspecies in the Green Panchax that differ mainly regarding the female´s coloration. In females of Aplocheilus dayi dayi the hinder part of the body is striped like a zebra. In females of A. dayi werneri a broad horizontal bar is placed right above the anal fin. The males of A. dayi dayi have irregular black spots on the body, those of A. dayi werneri are striped like the females of A. dayi dayi.

The Green Panchax is an ideal community fish for aquaria with Asian fish. Here it lives near the surface. Water chemistry is of little meaning for the Green Panchax, water temperature should be between 22 and 28°C. The fish spawn in Java moss and similar substrates. The eggs are large and have a comparably hard shell. So they can be collected easily and incubated in a glass of water. The young hatch after 12-14 days and feed immediately on Artemia nauplii.

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Lexicon: Aplocheilus: means “with a simple lip”, refers to the mouth structure. lineatus: Latin, means “lined”, referring to the pattern. werneri: dedication name for A. Werner, Munich. dayi: dedication name for the ichthyologist Francis Day (1829 – 1889).

Common name: Green Panchax

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Sri Lanka
Verfügbare Größe in cm 4-6