Double Sword Guppys

5. May 2014

What would the hobby be without
guppys? Probably anyone who keeps ornamental fish has kept and bred at
least once a guppy. The lively fish that shimmer in all colours of the
rainbow are for sure among the most popular ornamental fish species at
all. There are countless sports and even – genetically speaking –
identical fish can look very different depending on the conditions in
the breeder´s facility (water, food etc.).

Our Extra-Newsletter
today shows you some of the currently most popular double sword forms.
Please keep in mind that the breeder´s language and the names applied to
the fish in the trade are usually totally different. Our “Calico
Lyretail” is – in breeder´s language – “a multicolored double sword with
basic colour blonde”.

414643 Guppy Calico Lyretail

418883 Guppy Neon Green Lyretail

418893 Guppy Rainbow Lyretail

418943 Guppy Blue Red Scissortail

419043 Guppy Japan Blue Lyretail

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer