Oryzias dancena “Thailand”

1. March 2017

Usually we obtain the rice fish (Oryzias dancena, in elder books often referred to as O. melastigma) from India. This is also the country from where it as been described scientifically. But now we obtained very healthy and vivid specimens from Thailand.

Oryzias dancena can be distinguished from other, similar species quite good by the white seamed fins. The anal fin of the male has an irregular border. In very old males the finrays may be even extended. The females of this species carry the eggs after spawning around for a while, before they deposit them in plant leaves. This behaviour is typical for all Oryzias species.

Oryzias dancena are absolutely peaceful fish that fit perfecty for any community tank. Here they live basically in the upper third of the tank. Feeding Oryzias is problem-free, for the fish take readily any types of usual fish food. However, food particles must not be too large. Hard, slightly alcalic water is preferred, but one can say that any water that can be used a drinking water for humans can be used to keep and breed Oryzias dancena. The fish attains a maximum length of about 3-4 cm.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer