Poecilia caucana

6. July 2007

With an overall length of 3 – 5 cm the Cauca Molly (Poecilia caucana), originating from Colombia and Venezuela, belongs to the smaller living-bearers. Remarkably is the yellow – orange coloured dorsal fin and a violet metallically shining longitudinal line. The water equivalents (pH values of 8,2- 8.6, LF 360 and 420 Mikrosiemens/cm), based on different places where the animals are found in the area of the Rio Cauca, makes them to suitable aquarium inhabitants for the most Central European tap waters. They appreciate higher temperatures between 26 and 28°C. As industrious algae eater Cauca mollies are constantly on the search for food. All usual kinds of fish food are greedily eaten. With appropriate care a new generation will appear sooner or later.(Photo: Erwin Schraml, Text: Klaus Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Kolumbien, Venezuela