Poecilia reticulata Guppy Jamaica

7. December 2009

guppy is one of the most important ornamental fishes. Besides the
numerous cultivated varieties the wild forms become more and more
popular in the hobby. We offer several of these wild forms, one of the
most beautiful is the so-called Jamaica-variety.

However, the
fish are bred for us by professional breeders in Europe. In nature even
these wild forms are very variable. When bred in captivity they become
quickly quite uniform regarding coloration and figure. We mention this
here to prevent the wrong idea that all guppys that live on Jamaica
look like our fish.

Jamaica guppy is a very tiny variety, males hardly become 3 cm long. It
is real fun to watch these motley and lively fishes in the aquarium.
They are completely undemanding and can be recommended even for totally
unexperienced beginners.

For our customers: the guppy Jamaica
has code 419032 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively
supply the wholesale market.

Lexikon: Poecilia: from ancient
Greek, means “the colorful”. reticulata: Latin, means “netted”,
referring to the dark borders of the scales in female guppys.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer