Pseudepiplatys annulatus

25. August 2009

Currently we can offer wonderful bred Pseudepiplatys annulatus. This tiny species originates from West Africa, the fish we have in stock were bred in Southeast Asia. Maximum length of the male is around 3 cm, females stay even smaller. The species is completely peaceful against all other fish and an ideal choice for so called nano-aquaria. The males like to fight with each other and so the tank should be well planted. P. annulatus feeds readily on any fine dry, frozen or live fishfood.

The fish thrive best in relatively dark aquaria. It is important to put dead leaves, peat etc. on the ground. If the tank is too bright the fish stay nervous. Not too hard water (up to 15°dGH) with a slightly acidic pH (6.2 – 6.5) is ideal, but the fish are pretty hardy and accept also less optimal conditions. However, very clean water is absolutely necessary. Water temperature can be between 18 and 24°C.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Lexicon: Pseudepiplatys: from ancient Greek, means “False Epiplatys”. annulatus: Latin for “ringed”.