Pseudophallus mindii

6. July 2007

Pseudophallus mindii is a short snouted pipefish, which reached us as a by-catch in two exemplars. Their distribution contains central and tropical South America, where it is found predominantly in freshwater habitats. Adults were caught from estuaries and mangrove areas too, while planktonic juveniles have been collected well offshore at sea. As other pipefishes and seahorses the males will do the brood care. The food supply is for the maintenance of pipefishes particularly of importance. They must be located in the food, best in living food, e.g. water fleas, cyclops, small mosquito larvae and artemia. A salt additive is recommended, the aquariums should be well structured with fine-leafed plants and little pieces of bogwood, so that the animals can show their natural behavior. At the best they should only be socialized with really peaceful fish, which do not fight with them for food, because they does not have any self-assertion. As tank mates some invertebrates e.g. shrimps will do fine.(Photo Erwin Schraml, Text Klaus Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Zentral-, Südamerika