Just in: Steatocranus!

20. March 2009

Adult pair of S. casuarius. Photo: B. Migge / Aqualog Archieves

The humphead cichlids of the genus Steatocranus are among the most intersting cichlids of Africa. They are highly adapted to current water – in nature they live near rapids on rocky ground. So they have reduced their swimming bladder and are not able anymore to swim free in the water column without using their finneage.

S. casuarius

Three species have been imported now: the well-known Steatocranus casuarius, which can easily be recognized by the black centre of each scale; the more slender S. gibbiceps, whose coloration is just the other way round: light centres of the scales. And the extremely slender S. tinanti, which has sometimes brillant orange fins.

S. gibbiceps, male

S. gibbiceps, female

Humphead cichlids should be kept in pairs. They are quite peaceful, although they desperately defend their cave. Despite the fact that they live in very oxygen rich water in nature they readily adapt to aquarium conditions. The water in the river Congo is soft, but not very acidic. The fish feed on almost all usual fish food, but one must never give fat food (like Tubifex). This may cause heavy, sometimes fatal diseases of the intestine. Plants are not distroyed with the exception of the fact that during breeding they may be bitten of or digged out. Steatocranus are cavebrooders with biparental care.

S. tintanti, male

S. tinanti, female

For our customers: S. casuarius have codenummer  575003, S. gibbiceps 575042 and S. tinanti 575403 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale market.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer