Pelvicachromis humilis and close relatives from Guinea (1): Pelvicachromis humilis LIBERIA RED

28. April 2015

current import from Guinea contains five different species/morphs of
the relationship of Pelvicachromis humilis. They all have in common that
the males can reach a maximum length of 12 cm. Females always stay
smaller. The latter are the more colorful animals, there is always a
clearly marked sexual dichromatism. During mating and displaying the
colours change drastically: the fish seem to glow from inside in these

humilis “Liberia Red” was collected, as can been seen from the name, in
the border region between Liberia and Guinea. All our fish were offered
under the respective names from Guinea. The fish known in the hobby in
the 1990ies under the name Pelvicachromis humilis “Liberia Red” seems to
represent another, different variety/species. In males of our current
import there is a red pattern in the caudal fin. The remaining
coloration differs a lot, depending on the mood. The bright shining zone
on the belly of the female, which is present in all forms of the
P.-humilis-relationship, is expressed very intensively in Pelvicachromis
humilis “Liberia Red”.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer