Crenicara cf. punctulatum Lake Tapana

17. April 2015

It was only quite recently that we were able to import Crenicara puntulatum from Peru. We reported on that importation here:
Now we received fully grown specimens from Brazil with an information
on the collection site: Lake Tapana. These fish differ in some points
from all so far described populations of Crenicara punctulatum.

The males have
strongly enlarged fins and in both sexes an orange spot above the
operculum can be extant. The pattern of the operculum reminds one rather
in the closely related species Crenicara latruncularium, but the fin
formula is identical with C. punctulatum. This new population (or
species) of Crenicara is in any case very attractive.

our customers: the animals have code 669014 on our stocklist. Please
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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer