Teleocichla centrarchus

17. February 2016

are small cichlids from Brazil. They love comparatively strong current.
The genus is a close relative of the pike cichlids (Crenicichla). The
genus teleocichla has been discovered only late, in 1988; currently 18
different species are known, 10 of them are still undescribed
scientifically. Genus type is T. centrachus; we can offer now once more
some wild collected specimens.

centrarchus is one of the largest members of the genus. It attains a
maximum length of about 12 cm (males) and 8 cm (females) respectively.
Like in all Teleocichla the air bladder is reduced. So the fish swim
hardly ever in the water column. Very small tankmates will be eaten, but
in general this species can be considered a peaceful one.

centrarchus originates from the Rio Xingu. This means it should be kept
comparatively warm (28-30°C). There are 6 additional species of
Teleocichla known from the Xingu. All species of Teleocichla look very
similar when frightened; so it can never be excluded that also some
specimens of other Teleocichla are among our T. centrarchus.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer