Astronotus ocellatus Oscar Lemon

18. July 2016


If one likes artifical sports or not is a matter of taste. But these sports are in any case interesting, because they show the genetic potential of a species. So finally men-made sports give hints even for the scientists working exlusively in the field how to distinguish local populations from different species.




The Lemon Oscar is a sport that is in part an albino – it hs red eyes – but in which the yellow pigment in the body is still extant. Only very few specimens are yellow all over the body, most of the fish are rather wild colored. The initially dark brown parties of the wild fish look, however, only very faint ashgrey and the initially red parties yellow.



Most interesting is the fact that the ventral fins in this sport are extremely prolonged, a feature not observed in other oscars so far.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer