Cichla temensis

6. July 2007

Cichla temensis does not represent a fish for everyone. We could import them from Venezuela, where they are estimated fishes for consumption and sold under the name Tucunare. In its natural environment they can reach an overall length of 1 m with a weight of approximately 10 kg. They grow to be the largest of all the cichlids. These a predatory fish and will eat anything that moves and can fit in its mouth. So tankmates should be of good size. Recommended companions include Piranhas, Pacu, Arowana and other large cichlids such as Crenicichla species. Recommended foods are live feeders (crayfish, small fish, large fish, insects, etc.), frozen and freeze dried foods, and carnivore pellets. A Cichla aquarium should be decorated with large rocks and roots to offer hiding places. A number of large robust plants are also to be recommended. The roots and rocks should be placed directly on the bottom glass to void that the large fishes tip them of and causes the glass to crack. Cichla species are excellent jumpers and often jump out of the water if they get spooked so a well covered aquarium is a necessity. The pH and water hardness levels are less important since these fishes are very tolerant to different conditions. They need warm water and should be kept in aquariums with a water temperature of 23-28ºC. (Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Venezuela, Kolumbien, Brasilien