Crenicichla cf. regani Orinoco

14. March 2011

The pike cichlids (Crenicichla) are one of the world´s most specious genera of cichlid. Currently 85 species are accepted. Many of them grow larger than 20 cm but there are also dwarf species. The beautiful, slender Crenicichla regani, which is said in literature to grow to a maximum size of 15 cm (male) or 8 cm (female), belongs to the dwarfs. Wild collected animals, like those we have in stock, never have the size given in literature. The photographed specimens, for example, which are sexually mature, have a total length (including caudal fin) of 7 cm (male) and 5 cm (female).

The species Crenicichla regani has a very wide distribution in Amazonia. Similar to the situation found in the African species of Tropheus from Lake Tanganyika there does exist a large number of geographical varieties. It is most often impossible to decide whether one of these varieties still belongs to the species C. regani or represents already a new still undescribed species.

To this category belong the wonderful fishes we were able to import once more from Venezuela. This species/population is characterized by the cherry red border of the ocellus in the dorsal fin of the female. Males lack that eye spot in the dorsal fin totally.

Keeping these cute fish is not difficult at all. However, they should – despite their small size – not be kept in small tanks, for here they become quite aggressive. They feed readily on any kind of frozen and live food. In nature the fish are found in soft and acidic water, but that is not demanded in captivity. Of much more importance is the water temperature, which should be relatively high (27 -32°C). All Crenicichla have proved so far to be cave brooders with parental care.

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Lexicon: Crenicichla: ancient Greek, means “Cichla with a comb”; Cichla is another genus of cichlid. regani: dedication name for Charles Tate Regan (1878 – 1943), a famous ichthyologist from the British Museum in London.

Suggestion of a common name: Firespot dwarf pike cichlid

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Venezuela
Verfügbare Größe in cm 5-7