Crenicichla lugubris ORINOCO

29. November 2011

We received beautiful Crenicichla lugubris from Venezuela in three sizes. It is astonishing how drastically these fishes change their coloration during their onotgenesis. Juveniles that show the typical “French fries pattern” are schooling fish that feel very unsafe when kept alone. Then the fish come in the age of puberty. Now they see congeneers only as competitors and try to bite and kill them whenever they have the opportunity to do that. Finally the fish become sexually mature. Now they form pairs that live most often in peace and harmony over long periods. The elder the fish become, they more beautiful they are. The Orinoco variety of C. lugubris has a high amount of red in the coloration. This population also has characteristically a lot of spots in the face which can lead to confusion with C. lenticulata that lives in the same area. C. lugubris “Orinoco” is one of the largest species of the genus and can attain a length of around 50 cm. So it is an magnificent subject for very large or public aquaria.

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Lexicon: Crenicichla: Crenicichla: ancient Greek, means “Cichla with a comb”; Cichla is another genus of cichlid. lugubris: Latin, means “the one that wears mournig”, this refers to the coloration.

Suggestion of a common name: Giant Orinoco Pike Cichlid

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Venezuela
Verfügbare Größe in cm 8-15