Cryptoheros cutteri

24. September 2014

received very nice German bred specimens of this smaller cichlid from
Honduras. Despite the comparatively small size – males obtain a maximum
length of 13 cm, females always stay smaller – one should not keep these
cichlids in small tanks. They have a very vivid temper, especially when
they care for the offspring.

species of Cryptoheros differ from the other members of the Central
American Cichlasoma relationship inter alia by the fact that they prefer
to spawn on places that are a bit hidden. So the fish display an
intermediate behaviour between typical open spawners and cave spawners.
Both parents take intensively care for eggs and juveniles.

our customers: the fish have code 674301 (3-4 cm) and 674302 (4-5 cm) on
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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer