Discus „Red Inferno/Rio Moju“

6. July 2007

Only one example of at present in extraordinarily good quality arriving Diskus is the “Red Inferno” variant coming from the Rio Moju. On their fins and flanks the animals show a strongly red-orange basic colour, which stands in beautiful contrast to the bluish green wave pattern. The icing on the cake are their cherry-red eyes, which register very attentively each movement inside and outside the aquarium. It is absolutely fascinating to stand before an aquarium with these magnificent animals and to observe the dynamics within a group. Watching them one understands immediately how applicable the old title “king of the aquarium fish” is for these animals. Their perfect form and beautiful colour combination make them surely interesting not only for the lover of wild discus. Even ambitious breeders can get fresh and healthy gene material for these criteria.

(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien, Rio Moju