Geophagus mirabilis

26. August 2015

Geophagus mirabilis Geophagus mirabilis Geophagus mirabilis

This beautiful species of eartheater is known in the aquarium hobby since the year 2009. It is endemic in the Rio Aripuana. So it was called initially Geophagus sp. “Aripuana”. The scientific description of the species appeared much later, in january 2015. Now the correct scientific name is Geophagus mirabilis. The specific name, mirabilis, means “extraordinary, marvelous, admirable”. It refers to the unique pattern of the species: from a scientific point of view the row of black spots on the flanks are more important, for they are also visible in preserved animals and allow a doubtless identification. But the describers also mention the beautiful pattern of live specimens with the iridescent spots as reason for the scientific name.

From time to time we can offer German bred specimens of this beautiful eartheater. The fish attains a maximum length of about 20 cm. It is a larvophilous, biparental mouthbrooder. This means that both parents take together care for the brood. The fish spawn on stones, roots etc.. The hatched larvae are taken in the mouth subsequently.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

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