Butis koilomatodon

26. June 2015

We received this sleeper goby for the first time. The animals originate from Thailand. Some author place this species also in the genus Prionobutis. It attains a maximum length of about 8 cm and is one of the smaller sleepers. Like all Butis species B. koilomatodon is able to swim and hunt in every thinkable position, often upside down. The species can be told apart from its congeneers at the first glimpse by the blunt profile of the head.

Against conspecifics this species is quarrelsome. So one has to keep in them is well structured tanks with a lot of hiding-places. It is not necessary to feed these predatory fish with live food, they readly accept frozen food as well, like Artemia, bloodworm etc.. However, one has to keep in mind that smaller fish, shrimps, etc. will be taken for food by the goby.

Butis koilomatodon has an extremely wide range. It is not only known from the Indo-West-Pacific region, but also from the eastern Pacific, the eastern and the western Atlantic. This distribution clearly shows that the larvae develop in marine environment. The adult goby accepts pure freshwater as easy as pure marine water. However, for the long-time sight we suggest to keep them in brackish environment, eg 5-10 grams salt per litre.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Thailand
Verfügbare Größe in cm 4-6