Coreoperca cf. liui

26. April 2016


For the first time ever we obtained this interesting freshwater perch from southern China. The genera Coreoperca and Siniperca contain altogether 14 species. They are thought to be close relatives of the groupers (Serranidae), but are placed in a family on their own, the Sinipercidae.



The fish were shipped under the name of Coreoperca kawamebari; however, this species occurs only in Japan and Korea and has a pattern of vertical bands. Three species are known to occur in China, namely C. loona (Wu, 1939); C. liui Cao & Liang, 2013, and C. whiteheadi Boulenger, 1900. Of these, our specimens are closest to C. liui. That species of Chinese perch attains a maximum length of about 11 cm.



In contrast to the groupers the Chinese perches are absolutely peaceful against conspecifics, they even seem to prefer to swim along with partners. Of course these fish are small predators that like living fish for food. In respect of the external appearance the Chinese perches remind one strongly in nandids (Nandus nandus), but the behaviour is completely different. Nandids are shy and always try to cover, whereas the Chinese perches are very lively and curious and swim in the open water.



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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer