Apistogramma sp. Nanay

26. January 2024

The species characteristics of this dwarf cichlid from Peru are: distinct underbelly stripes, an orange “axillary spot” (the attachment point of the pectoral fin is intensely orange in color), a more or less distinct orange zone on the belly and a tail fin that is tipped at the top and bottom in old, fully developed males.

This Apistogramma belongs to the group of forms around A. moae and has already been imported several times under all kinds of fantasy names, such as A. sp. “Baby face yellow tail”, A. sp. “Frank”, A. sp. “Melgar” or A. sp. “Nanay”. As offspring were already in circulation under the latter name – the orange components in the coloration of the offspring are often very intense due to breeding selection – we have adopted this name for the current import. Of course, these animals do not need to hide from their cousins born in Europe in terms of coloration, we think!

Care must be taken not to confuse this “Orange-spotted Apistogramma” with A. ortegai, which also originates from the Rio Nanay in Peru and was also occasionally traded as A. sp. “Nanay” before its scientific description. To our knowledge, the A. sp. Nanay presented here with the species-specific orange pectoral fin spot has not yet been scientifically described.

We are very pleased to have this rare Apistogramma species in our house once again. They are great animals!

For our customers: the fish have code 628684 on our stock list. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer