Betta imbellis

4. February 2022

For many Betta imbellis is the prettiest wild fighting fish at all. Of course, “the” Betta imbellis does not exist at all, because the widespread species looks somewhat different everywhere. It is the sister species to Betta splendens and in fact no human being is able to distinguish completely decolorized specimens of both species from each other. The only sure difference between Betta imbellis and B. splendens is the coloration of the gill covers of the males. These are blue in B. imbellis, while in B. splendens they have two red vertical stripes.

Often Betta imbellis is called the “peaceful” fighting fish, so to speak as a counterpart to the “warlike” B. splendens. But this is nonsense. It is possible to keep several males together in all wild forms of fighting fish – provided there is enough space and good structuring of the aquarium – also in the case of B. splendens. Conversely, territorial males of Betta imbellis can also attack male rivals quite violently. However, in such cases (as well as with wild forms of B. splendens) it usually remains with quickly healing fin damage.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer