Biotodoma cupido Peru

11. November 2022

The small cichlid Biotodoma cupido – it reaches about 12-15 cm total length, but is already sexually mature at 6-8 cm – is probably the most widespread cichlid species in Amazonia. Among experts there is cheerful disagreement whether all the different looking animals are only local color variants or independent species.

Be that as it may: the animals from the area of Iquitos in Peru can be easily recognized by the large bronze to copper colored spot that the males show and which makes the fish very attractive. We have also posted a video about these animals:

These extremely peaceful fish are open breeders with parent families. Only when they get into breeding mood their behavior changes and they become very rabid. In nature they prefer to live in moving water, otherwise they have few demands and some populations of Biotodoma can even be found in tidal areas.

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Lexicon: biotodoma: means “house of life” (these fish were once thought to be mouthbrooders). cupido: after a Roman god of love.

Common name: cupido cichlid.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer