Boesemania microlepis

11. December 2023

The drums (Sciaenidae), to which Boesemania microlepis belongs, are mainly known from the sea. Only a few of the approximately 300 species live permanently or occasionally in freshwater. These fish are known as “drums” because they make a very audible sound. Larger schools of these fish have already triggered submarine alarms because they cast a shadow on the radar and the sounds are not dissimilar to an engine.

Drums are rarely kept in the aquarium. They usually grow to a length of 30-50 cm, including B. microlepis, for which a maximum length of 100 cm is given. B. microlepis is a pure freshwater fish that occurs in Southeast Asia from Thailand to Sundaland, i.e. parts of the Malay Peninsula and the Greater Sunda Islands. Our animals come from Indonesia.

Boesemania microlepis do not have much to offer in terms of color. What makes them attractive is their unusual shape. They are extremely defensive fish. If a B. microlepis is mobbed by another fish, it turns to the side in consternation and ducks away – not the slightest trace of aggression or resistance! B. microlepis is a very important food fish in its native countries. In terms of aquarium care, we recommend large aquaria, soft substrate (sand), well-structured tanks with plants and roots and peaceful tankmates. In our fishhouse, these fish prefer to eat live food (tubifex, red mosquito larvae).

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer